PetroStrat proudly sponsor ResTech2.0 Reservoir Geology Conference

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What ResTech2.0?

ResTech is designed to help people in the energy industry discuss and communicate scientific and business breakthroughs in reservoir geoscience. If you have an interest in or contribution to make then register and attend the conference.

After a tremendously successful ResTech2020 conference, our sponsors and stakeholders have decided to run a second ResTech conference.

ResTech 2 0 Call To Action

We believe that now more than ever there is a need to change the way we work, and find new ways of staying connected during difficult times. We believe that virtual conferences are an essential part of that new way of working.

Proposed conference themes

Conference themes are being set right now. If you have a suggestion for more conference themes relating to reservoir geoscience then get in touch or volunteer to join the technical committee! Suggested themes include:

  • Deepwater Exploration
  • Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality
  • Source to Sink
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • New Technologies
  • Seismic Breakthroughs
  • Digital Reservoir
  • Basin Modelling
  • Cuttings & Reservoirs

Call for Abstracts – Now Open

Retech 2 0 Conference Sponsored by PetroStrat 2020 Oil and Gas Education

For more information, or to submit and abstract, please visit the confernce website.

Visit ResTech 2.0 Website

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