The Gulf of Mexico and it‘s surrounding areas is one of the most prolific hydrocarbon regions in the world. PetroStrat Inc has dedicated staff based in Houston to accommodate and serve the specific stratigraphic needs of this area. Like our parent company in Wales, we provide fully integrated multidisciplinary services.

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PetroStrat has more than 15 years of experience in providing real-time biostratigraphy onshore and offshore the Gulf of Mexico. Our in-house staff specializing in nannopaleontology, micropaleontology and palynology enable us to always apply the optimal discipline(s) for any geological setting

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Sample Preparation and Analysis

At our full-service laboratory, we are able to prepare samples for nannopaleontology, micropaleontology and palynology. Palynological slides can be prepared using standard techniques including HCL and HF treatment, or proprietary state-of-the-art non-acid applications. In-house staff is available to analyze slides for all three disciplines and covering the entire Mesozoic and Cenozoic stratigraphic column. Even if you have a project in older strata, rest assured that one of the 40+ specialists at our headoffice in Wales can accommodate your request.

In-house consultation

Whether you are dealing with vintage biostratigraphic data sets, BSSE derived paleo picks, or paleo-based regional correlations, sometimes it just doesn’t seem to fit with your seismic and geologic interpretations.
Our experienced staff can help you with re-interpreting and QCing old data, checking for alternative interpretation options, preparing correlations and paleoenvironmental interpretations. We believe, that integration is key and necessary to get a realistic and satisfying solution to your problem.

Meet PetroStrat Inc Team

Our PetroStrat Inc team work out of our Houston office in The Woodlands.

View our specific studies

PetroStrat has conducted numerous regional studies globally, and more recently three consortium studies in the Wilcox. Studies are focusing on onshore US, offshore US and the Mexican Perdido area. We always deliver an integrated product, that is easily understood and applied by non-biostratigraphers.

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